Beach Resorts

Achieving global recognition for Kenya as an outstanding tourism destination.

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Kenya Wildlife

Achieving global recognition for Kenya as an outstanding tourism destination

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The best team in Africa and the second best all over the world in athletics.

Passport Services

The Kenyan Passport is issued to bona fide Kenyan citizens and it's upon the applicant to provide the evidence of his/her citizenship.

Visa Services

For information about Visa with regards to application fees, documents required, download forms,read more on our consular services

Kenyans in the Netherlands

The Kenyan Diaspora Community in the Netherlands (KDCN) Dutch NGOs and Development in Kenya U.K.E.A

Registration of Kenyans

All Kenyans in the Netherlands are required to register with the Embassy. Click on the Registration Link and fill in the form.

Dear Kenyans

The Embassy of the Republic of Kenya in the Netherlands is now offering Huduma Namba Registration services. This is an exercise for Kenyans irrespective of age.

To register yourself and your family, you will be required to fill your application form online at Once you complete your registration online you will be issued with a unique number which you will present at the Embassy together with relevant documents such as your National ID, Passport and birth certificates (minors) for your bio-data and document capture.

For more information, kindly visit the Huduma online platform or the Embassy for any clarification.

The mass registration will run for 45 days beginning from 6th May, 2019 and we urge all Kenyans to register within the said period.

In order to facilitate faster services, it is recommended that you get in touch with the Embassy for an appointment after you have completed your online registration.



The Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Education announces the Requests of Qualification (RFQ) for the projects outlined below under the Public Private Patnership (PPP) model. Submissions by interested parties should be done directly through the respective University websites provided before the 28th of February, 2018.





The Kenya Embassy in The Hague, The Kingdom of the Netherlands and accredited to The Czech Republic was opened in March 1985.



The Kenya Government

The Kenya Government is made of;

1.Executive Office Of The President

2.Executive Office Of The Deputy President

3.Kenya's Cabinet Secretaries


Government Structure

About Kenya

Kenya lies across the equator on the East Coast of Africa. It borders Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan to the North, Uganda to the west, Tanzania to the South and the Indian Ocean to the East.

Kenya General

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Important Notice!!

The Kenyan Embassy in the Hague wishes to notify all e-Visa applicants of a scam e-Visa website namely This is a commercial website that is similar to our official Government e-visa website and is not working for the Government of Kenya.

In this portal e-Visa applicants are charged between US $ 100 – US $ 120 as opposed to the US $ 51 charged by the Government of Kenya.

Read more on the link below;


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