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Achieving global recognition for Kenya as an outstanding tourism destination.

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Achieving global recognition for Kenya as an outstanding tourism destination

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The best team in Africa and the second best all over the world in athletics.

Passport Services

The Kenyan Passport is issued to bona fide Kenyan citizens and it's upon the applicant to provide the evidence of his/her citizenship.

Visa Services

For information about Visa with regards to application fees, documents required, download forms,read more on our consular services

Kenyans in the Netherlands

The Kenyan Diaspora Community in the Netherlands (KDCN) Dutch NGOs and Development in Kenya U.K.E.A

Registration of Kenyans

All Kenyans in the Netherlands are required to register with the Embassy. Click on the Registration Link and fill in the form.


Q My child was born abroad, the father is not a citizen of Kenya and also his name is not indicated on the child’s birth certificate.

A. Section 90 of the Constitution of Kenya states that:

A person born outside Kenya after 11th December 1963 shall become a citizen of Kenya at the date of his / her birth if at that date his / her father is a citizen of Kenya.

Therefore the child cannot be endorsed or issued with a Kenyan passport.

Q. What are the requirements if I need a Travel Document / Passport for my child born in the Netherlands?

A. Complete Application form PP2 for children under 16, provide two photographs, a fee of € 30 for a Certificate of Identity (CIN) or Euros 50.00 for a Passport, provide all documents as indicated above at No.1. The child’s birth certificate should show the name of the father and copies of the father’s passport to prove that the father was a Kenyan when the child was born.

Q. What if the name of the father does not appear on the birth certificate and the Mother is a Kenyan?

A. Complete form PP2, provide two photographs, a birth certificate and the mother’s passport, and a fee of € 30 for an Emergency Certificate (E.C.) for one-way travel back to Kenya. The E.C document cannot be used to return to The Netherlands. It will be surrendered at the airport on arrival in Kenya.

Q. What happens to the child upon arrival in Kenya? Can one apply for a passport for the child?

A. Upon arrival in Kenya, you are advised to apply for a Dependant’s Pass for the child at the Immigration Office and then apply for the child to be registered as a Kenyan citizen.

Q. What happens to a child born in the Netherlands of a Kenyan mother and a foreign father?

A. Such a child is not a Kenyan citizen and cannot be issued with a Kenyan passport nor be endorsed on the mother’s passport.

Q. How long does it take to have an Emergency Travel Document issued?

A. It is issued within 24 hours.

Q. Are passports issued at the Embassy?

A. No, they are issued at the Immigration Office in Nairobi.

Q. How long does it take for passports to be issued?

A. Six to eight weeks or more


Q. When is a transit visa issued?

A. A transit visa may be issued prior to a visit for the purpose of connecting

flights, applicant must hold valid onward air-ticket.

Q. Is the Kenya Embassy the only place a visa can be obtained?

A. No. Nationals from countries who do not fall in the “Referred Visa” category may be issued with a visa at any port of entry in Kenya provided they meet the usual immigration formalities.

Q. How long does the visa endorsed in a passport allow a visitor to stay in Kenya?

A. On arrival at the airport, the passport will be stamped with a visitors pass valid for the duration of visit or up to 3 months with effect from the date of arrival in Kenya. The visitor’s pass may be extended for another 3 months, if the extension meets all the immigration regulations. However the stay cannot exceed six months.

Q. If a visitor has a valid visa and visitor’s pass for Kenya and then decides to visit Tanzania or Uganda, then returns to Kenya within the validity, would they need another visa?

A. No. The Single Entry Visa allows multiple entries only from visiting Tanzania and Uganda.


Currently tourists from Europe, North America, Canada and Japan do not require yellow fever and cholera vaccination certificates to enter Kenya. Travelers from areas prevalent with yellow fever and cholera are required to have vaccination certificates. Malaria prevention is strongly recommended, and travelers are advised to bring along malaria prophylaxis as well as personal medicines, sun protection cream and mosquito repellent.


The Kenya Embassy in The Hague, The Kingdom of the Netherlands and accredited to The Czech Republic was opened in March 1985.



The Kenya Government

The Kenya Government is made of;

1.Executive Office Of The President

2.Executive Office Of The Deputy President

3.Kenya's Cabinet Secretaries


Government Structure

About Kenya

Kenya lies across the equator on the East Coast of Africa. It borders Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan to the North, Uganda to the west, Tanzania to the South and the Indian Ocean to the East.

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The Kenyan Embassy in the Hague wishes to notify all e-Visa applicants of a scam e-Visa website namely This is a commercial website that is similar to our official Government e-visa website and is not working for the Government of Kenya.

In this portal e-Visa applicants are charged between US $ 100 – US $ 120 as opposed to the US $ 51 charged by the Government of Kenya.

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