Kenyan Citizens Resident Abroad

Kenyan citizens resident abroad should at the earliest opportunity register their names and addresses at the Kenya Mission nearest to them. Change of address or departure from the country should also be notified. Failure to do so may in a period of emergency, result in difficulty or delay in according them assistance and protection.

Registration is NOT considered proof of Kenya citizenship. If you apply for some consular services, you may be asked by the consular staff to provide proof of citizenship such as passport or identity card.

vii) Residency in the country for twenty-one days. If this is not possible, a Special Licence could be obtained beforehand by contacting the registrars office in Kenya.

The Registrar of Marriages

Department of the Registrar General

Po Box 30031


Tel: +254 20 227 461

Fax: +254 20 215651


Senior Assistant Registrar General

PO Box 80366


Tel: +254 41 316061/2


Important Notice!!

The Kenyan Embassy in the Hague wishes to notify all e-Visa applicants of a scam e-Visa website namely This is a commercial website that is similar to our official Government e-visa website and is not working for the Government of Kenya.

In this portal e-Visa applicants are charged between US $ 100 – US $ 120 as opposed to the US $ 51 charged by the Government of Kenya.

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