I. Certificate of Good Conduct

A person who has resided in Kenya and wishes to apply for a Certificate of Good Conduct, is required to include the following in their application:

i. Two passport-size photographs

ii. Copy of the applicant's passport

iii. Copy of the applicant's residence permit/ proof of residence status in the Netherlands

iv. Copy of the applicant's national ID card

v. Finger prints taken by a recognized Government Authority or Embassy Official

vi. Letter stating why the certificate is needed

vii. Duly filled application form

viii. Fee of 10 Euros for the application

Please Note: This document is not issued at the Embassy, but we facilitate the processing by forwarding all applications to The Director of Criminal Investigations in Nairobi.


II. Import of pets

To facilitate issuance of a licence to bring your pet to Kenya, you need:

  • A request letter providing the importer’s name and address
  • The pet’s travel document
  • Current health certificate from the Veterinary Doctor legalized by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as this embassy

The fee of Euros 20.00 payable for the legalization of the pet's health certificate and an additional Euros 10.00 for issuance of a pet permit.


III. Filming License

Foreign nationals and international filming crews are required to apply online for special passes and visas. Special passes are issued by the Department of Immigration. Application requirements need to be forwarded to the Department by the film agent who is facilitating the international film production. 


IV. Employment in Kenya

All non-Kenya Citizens must be in possession of Entry/Work Permits issued by the Principal Immigration Office, before they can take up employment in Kenya, whether paid or unpaid. Applications for issue of Entry/Work permits are not processed at this Mission. This mission facilitates processing. All applications should be addressed to:

The Director

Department of Immigration Services

PO Box 30191

Nairobi, Kenya


Complete Entry Permit Application Form 3

The reverse side of the application form has brief notes on the basic requirements for issue of the classes of work/entry permits issued in Kenya. However, it is important to note that one qualifies for employment in Kenya only if the prospective employer can prove that he/she has been unable to recruit suitably from the local labour markets.

Those seeking to work in Kenya must therefore ensure that their prospective employers have secured appropriate Entry/Work Permits before they proceed to Kenya.

Foreigners who wish to engage either alone or in Partnership in Business, specific trade or profession would have to furnish evidence that they have obtained or are assured of obtaining relevant licence(s), Registration or other authority that may be necessary in order to engage in the Contemplated Business, trade or profession.

Additionally, they ought to be able to prove that they have sufficient capital derived from sources outside Kenya, which is certain to be remitted to Kenya for the purpose.


Requirements for non-Kenyans wishing to conduct a marriage ceremony in Kenya to a Kenyan citizen:-

Non-Kenyan parties wishing to conduct a marriage ceremony in Kenya are required to produce the following documents:

i. Birth Certificates

ii. Valid Passports

iii. Decree Absolutes (if divorced)

iv. Death certificates (if widowed)

v. Separate Statutory Declarations sworn at a Solicitors/Notary Public office, stating the fact that one is single and free to marry. This should bear the solicitors signature and official stamp.

vi. Parental consent in form of legal documents for persons below the age of twenty-one (21) 



•Regaining of Kenya citizenship

•Declaration by a Dual Nationality

•Registration of Kenyans

•Certificate of Good Conduct

•Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage

•Legalization services

•Pet Import license

•Other information- Filming licenses, Death and Repatriation of Remains, Public Holidays



Since implementation of the current constitution, Foreign Birth Certificates for children born of Kenya citizens are no longer localized but they are treated for all intents and purposes as Kenyan Birth Certificates.

The Department of Immigration has discontinued the Extension (renewal) of Kenya Passports on expiry of the first Five Years. With effect from 25th March, 2010, all Kenya Passports that expire after five years will be replaced and not renewed (extended).  All new passports are issued with a validity of ten years and replaced on expiry.

Important Notice!!

The Kenyan Embassy in the Hague wishes to notify all e-Visa applicants of a scam e-Visa website namely This is a commercial website that is similar to our official Government e-visa website and is not working for the Government of Kenya.

In this portal e-Visa applicants are charged between US $ 100 – US $ 120 as opposed to the US $ 51 charged by the Government of Kenya.

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