Kenya's food and beverage industry is made up of more than 1,200 businesses. This ranges from small enterprises to large multinational companies, such as Nestle, Cadbury and Coca Cola.

Fish Export Industry

Nile perch accounts for 90 percent of the volume and value of Kenya’s fish exports. Among the exported parts of the Nile perch include the fillet, whole body (gutted, headless), fish maws and the bladder. Kenya also exports marine products, such as crustaceans (lobsters, prawns, crabs and fresh-water cray fish), molluscs (octopus and squid), fish and small quantities of live fish. Presently there are more than 18 fish processing and exporting firms in Kenya. Some of these are general processors, while others are more specialized in areas such as shrimp, Tuna, and Nile perch, respectively. Among the companies that process and export fish in this industry include; Kenya Cold Storage, Samaki Industries, Wananchi Marine Products and Victoria Nile Perch.

Fruit and Vegetables

Horticulture is a term tha encompasses the numerous items broadly classified as fruits, nuts,
 vegetables, and cut flowers. The major exports from Kenya within the vegetables category are French beans, snow & snap peas, Asian vegetables (Such as karella, chillies, aubergines and Brinjals) Other products that are also exported from Kenya include: Mangoes, avocadoes and passion fruit.Large portion of Kenya’s Horticultural products are exported to the European Union (EU). However, within the EU, The Netherlands and France import the greatest percentage of fruits and vegetables from Kenya. The Middle East is also considered to be an important outlet market for Kenyan fruits.


In 1922, the Kenya Breweries Ltd was the first beer company to establish itself in Kenya. The company later changed its name to East African Breweries Ltd (EABL). They now not only produce Tusker beer, but a premium collection of beer and sprit brands. Through a distribution network across the East African, the brewery delivers quality beverage to the region. At the moment Kenyan beer is sold internationally in countries such as Australia, the UK, Japan, the United States, and Canada.Kenya beer production exceeded others with 2.8 hectoliters in 2003, compared toTanzania's 2.1 million hectoliters and Uganda's 1.3 million hectoliters. With an annual turnover of kshs 30 Billion and over 1000 people employed across East Africa, the Kenyan brewing industry plays a significant role in contributing to the economy.

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