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Certificate of Good Conduct

A person, who has resided in Kenya and wishes to apply for a Certificate of Good Conduct, is required to avail the following to be submitted to the Director of Criminal Investigations.

  1. Two passport-size photographs
  2. Copy of the applicant’s passport
  3. Copy of the applicant’s residence permit/ proof of residence status in the Iran
  4. Copy of the applicant’s national ID card
  5. Finger prints taken by a recognized government authority or embassy official
  6. Letter stating why the certificate is needed
  7. Duly filled application form
  8. Fee of 10 Euros for the application.

Take note that the official taking of the fingerprints should also verify the identity of the individual by noting the details of the identification documents.

For more information, please visit

Certificate of no Impediment to Marriage

For a Kenyan to marry a current Certificate of No Impediment to marriage is required. This can be applied for through the Embassy or directly from the Registrar of Marriages in Nairobi, Kenya. The requirements for the certificate are as follows:

  1. Duly filled application form (Form 7)
  2. Original copies of both parties passports, passport copies, passport-size photographs
  3. Applicant’s birth certificate and copy
  4. Letter from applicant expressing why they are applying for a certificate of no impediment to marriage and a letter from the other party indicating their intention to marry/ be married to the applicant
  5. Copy of residence permit/proof of residence status of the applicant
  6. Fee of 100 Euros for the application
  7. In the case that any party is divorced or is widowed the necessary certificate copies must be submitted.

More information can be obtained from or Registrar General, Sheria House, Box 30031 Nairobi, Tel +25420227461

On the other hand, non-Kenyans intending to conduct marriage in Kenya are required to produce the following documents:

  1. Birth certificates
  2. Valid passports
  3. Decree Absolutes (if divorced)
  4. Death certificates (if widowed)
  5. Separate statutory declarations sworn at a Solicitors/Public Notary office, stating that one is single and free to marry. This should bear the solicitors signature and official stamp
  6. Parental consent in form of legal documents for persons below the age of twenty-one (21)

Birth Certificate for Kenya Children Born Abroad


  1. Application for registration of the birth using Form BDA 1 (check downloads for form)
  2. Certified or notarised documentary evidence to prove birth
  3. Two copies of parents birth certificates and 2nd generation ID cards
  4. Processing fee of
  5. Application form signed by applicant and countersigned at the mission

Duplicate Birth/Death Certificate


  1. Duly completed Birth/Death Certificate search form (Check downloads for form)
  2. Copy of original birth/death certificate
  3. A formal letter of application
  4. Fee of 10 Euros

Emergency Certificate


  1. Application Form fully completed and signed (Recommender section not required)
  2. Expired passport
  3. Two passport size pictures. (Most current picture taken maximum within the last one month
  4. Clear Pictures.
    • They should not be blurred nor have a dark hue, all facial features should be clearly outlined.
    • Pictures with full face and both ears showing
    • Pictures taken against a white background
    • Weaves and hair should not cover the forehead or the rest of the face
    • Decent pictures-ladies should not be wearing strapy or strapless tops.
    • Pictures should be without shadows in the background.
    • Pictures in which the applicant is not smiling or laughing
    • Pictures should be taken without spectacles.
    • The size of the pictures should be 2 inches by 2 inches.
    • A copy of your birth certificate both sides.
    • Letter of request explaining the emergency
    • Fee of 20 Euros

All duly filled forms and the necessary documents should be delivered in person to the embassy offices.